July 25, 2018.

Recently, CRANE 2 by Zhiyun has been featured as a proud winner at the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2018. Zhiyun proudly boasts CRANE 2 to be a revolutionary product designed for high-profile mirror less cameras. The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer can support 360-degree unlimited rotation along all three axes providing perfect stabilization. It provides the potential of a camera crew by allowing you to capture steady shots and smooth streams with unimaginable view angles. Here are some more insights about the revolutionary launch by Zhiyun.

Idea Behind CRANE 2

The idea behind creating CRANE 2 was to provide a product that can effectively project the balance in design. In other words, a product that provides efficient functionality without compromising on aesthetics. The ergonomically designed, compact gimbal body of CRANE 2 provides unparalleled stability for most complicated shooting demands.

Another revolutionary feature added to CRANE 2 is its follow focus handwheel for electronic focus control complemented by a quick control dial for easy adjustment. Made with an aluminum alloy body, the design of CRANE 2 has been perfectly optimized to provide the ultimate user experience.

Some Highlights Of CRANE 2

Sturdy construction, flexible design, and ultimate ergonomics define CRANE 2 as a revolutionary product by Zhiyun. It is the world’s first 3-axis camera stabilizer. An advanced slip-ring technology allows CRANE 2 to rotate 360 degrees on all axes thereby providing different angle choices for various shooting requirements. An optimized Bluetooth connection allows CRANE 2 to be operated through a mobile app or palm-size remote control.

A standard Servo Follow Focus provides focus control through all lenses of the camera. By connecting with the camera control line, CRANE 2 serves as a single gear and provides eminent efficiency and real-time control to individuals shooting independently. The self-innovated Instune Algorithm used in CRANE 2 is well-tuned and well-optimized to control high-torque motor technology.

The result is smooth, precise compensation with zero noise. The synchronous processing speed of CRANE 2 provides precision control with incomparable motion sensitivity. Being lightweight than other comparable device options, CRANE 2 minimizes muscle fatigue when used for long. A long battery backup with reduced power consumption ensures smooth interruption-free shooting over long hours.

All Set To Mark A Difference

With so many promising features and compelling add-ons to look forward to, CRANE 2 by Zhiyun is all set to mark a difference in shooting and individual cinematography. Despite a successful launch and widespread appreciation, team Zhiyun is committed to integrating more innovative design features for improving the functionality and complementing the sturdy design of CRANE 2.

Until the winner of the Red Dot Awards for Product Design celebrates the honor, we look forward to new revolutionary products and innovative launches by the team Zhiyun. The innovative product range and dedicated solutions by team Zhiyun have been empowering excellent filmmakers since decades, strengthening the belief that all it takes for an excellent shoot is the right gimbal by Zhiyun.

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